Big Catch Pliers in the Spotlight

Product: Big Catch H1 Fishing Pliers by Boomerang Tools

Description: Large Carbide Replaceable cutter and replaceable jaws with retractable 36 inch Kevlar™ cord

Cool factor: 5 out of 5

Lakes, Stream Rivers and the great blue lay claim to fishing gear lost in the heat of battling a big fish and there is not a fisherman out there who would not suffer that loss in pursuit of the big one. For those of us who have offered up our favorite fishing tool or lure by sheer stupidity or carelessness, this tool is for you. The retractable cord clips to your boat, chair or person keeping it secure and out of the depths of a watery graveyard. That alone gives this a 5 out of 5 cool factor – add the replaceable cutter and jaws and you have a winner.

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I will make any of these on special order. They are all hand tied by me using Gamagatsu Hooks. The price is $4.50 plus shipping. I fish with all of these regularly and they catch fish. Email me at Click on any image for the description and Item number.

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I also make nice Lure Savers. These are $5 plus shipping.

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