NW Fish Quest was established to promote fishing in the Northwest. It was also created to bring the fishing community together to foster positive discussions in the sport of fishing.

Brad Halleck has been fishing the streams, rivers and  lakes in Washington and Oregon for the past forty years.  He is an avid sportsman and is a master falconer, big game and water fowl hunter. As a biologist and sportsman, Brad has gained an appreciation for the outdoors and loves to share this passion with others.  Brad a wildlife rehabilitator for nine years, volunteered his time helping injured and orphaned wildlife. As a Club Director in the California Hawking Club and Vice President in the Oregon Falconer’s Association he helped promote falconry in California and Oregon.  Brad currently spends his time on his 21 foot Maxxum North River Seahawk boat named the Dino Hunter after his love of sturgeon fishing. Whether he is spending time on his boat, or plunking the rivers, you can be sure that he is living his passion on the rivers and lakes of the Northwest.


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